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Provision for online education and online scholarship as well as state-of-the-art education for students.

To arrange education from primary to higher level for backward, helpless, poor, illiterate, helpless children and all sections of the society and do all necessary work to raise their standard of living.

Supporting the students in their education and arranging for scholarship hostel library coaching computer education etc.

Establishment and running of the hospital for providing free medical treatment to the helpless poor and sick people of the society who are not able to get their treatment.

Mission & Vision

To arrange education of handicapped and handicapped students and provide them with housing garments and scholarships.

Benefiting people with natural disasters like earthquake, flood, storm, cyclone, drought, firefighting etc. with life-saving items and life-support and providing first aid.

Organizing seminar for conservation of environment, programs related to water conservation etc.

Planting and caring for each type of land on the side of the road highway with permission from the concerned department person.

To make the society healthy, to immunize against various diseases and to work with the government and self-help groups to make the common public aware of diseases in public interest and to cooperate in vaccination.

Teaching Training Institute Technical Institute ITI Polytechnic Engineering Medical College Paramedical College for college and management to establish and run educational institute with recognition from related agencies.

To arrange to train the farmers with various modern farming practices.

Doing everything for the Green India Mission.

To arrange to train the farmers with various modern farming practices.

Make every effort to empower women.

Performing all such functions for the interest and purposes of the Trust, which are practically beneficial, useful and in public interest.

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About us

  • www.ssfct.in A chance to move forward on behalf of Shri Scholars Foundation Charitable Trust for the bright future of all you students.